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"Hey Good Charlotte, thank you!"

The Story Begins...

As we all know, Good Charlotte has rocked the city with their promo tour on "Good Morning Revival" album.


If you are asking me that question... WAKE UP, LOSERS!
What did I expect from the concert?
Hmm, lemme guess.. That would be NONE!

Good Charlotte is consider as the MTV generation.
Are they punk? haha... I would say, POSEUR PUNK!

I'm don't exactly favour the band but they do play good songs.
Ok, everyone sure listen to their hit singles such as Boys & Girls, We Believe, Hold On... ETC!
I love the songs too... hehehe

OH MY GOD! I don't know what to say... The crowd don't seem to jump around with the music. Well, we did go crazy at the concert but some of the crowd cursing at us, you know, being unsupportive. We just trying to put some spices to the fun... Most of them were no fun!

Overall, thank you Good Charlotte for coming to Malaysia. It's hard for us to see rock bands rocking us in Malaysia. We are not like Singapore... No RHCP, no Fallout Boys, no Korn... Seeing you guys in Malaysia is already good enough. We are hoping to see more rock acts coming here.

for pictures, check out http://adlisyahril.multiply.com

p/s: Aerosmith might be coming at the end of the year! Save up your cash people!


  1. Sabrina said...:

    Adli!!! OMG OMG..i didn't know you blog...and you linked me!...ish ish...kenape tak beritau!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    good charlotte rox.... :)