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Speedzone Tour 2007

The Story Begins...

Speedzone Tour 2007 was a BLAST!!!
Yoji Biomehanika & Marco V did deliver us with their great tunes!
Strong 8,000 crowd has experienced the lights and sounds of speedzone. Believe me, IT WAS A TOTAL BLAST!!!

Lightings, sound system, visuals, fireworks... two thumbs up!


Ok, I am sure that most of us have been to many well known raves such as the PitParty and Revelation, to name a few. We also know that there is only speedzone party for F1 event. NO PITPARTY?? How come? Marlboro make more money ar?

Ok, speedzone has always chose a very small venue. Tahun lepas, the line-up wasn't as good as this year's... Maybe understandable la kalau venue kecik (Gab & Dresden, Blank & Jones, mistress Barbara). This year's line up is bigger! Yoji Biomehanika and Marco V for a small venue???

To the organizer of Speedzone, please improvise! Overall, the music was awesome!!! Keep the bass alive!

For pictures and video on speedzone, please go to this website...

p/s: after speedzone, we had a great time at alisha's after party in duta vista.. hehehe if you know what i mean


  1. Anonymous said...:

    after party 10 times more fun than the actual event itself dude... hahahaha...

    p/s: don't talk to me... hahahaha