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Velocity KL Music Festival

The story begins...

29th December 2006... The date that everybody was waiting for!
Event Knights successfully made VELOCITY KL MUSIC FEST at Sunway Lagoon!

DJ Love! Kyau & Albert! Ron Van Den Beuken! JUDGE JULES!!!!!

Kyau & Albert
Kyau & Albert spinned some famous tracks, Are You Fine, remixed of Gabriel & Dresden's Tracking Treasure Down, Topher Jones & Blake Jarrell's remix of Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars..

Ron Van Den Beuken
Technical problem happened twice but great tunes... Tiesto's Lethal Industry & Adagio For Strings.. hehehe. Reminds me of Tiesto's PitParty... The great audio visuals, lasers, atmosphere... ok Adli, stop it!

Judge Jules
Played the Fatboy Slim's What The F*ck?, remixed of Tiesto's Dance For Life, and remixed of the Killer's Mr. Brightside for closing. He's GREAT!!!

It was nice to have fun partying with Nonie, Khaleq, Zack, Azhar, Alisha, Zoul, Alina, Atiya and their friends.. hehehee
Hope to party with you guys once again! :-)

Here are some pictures... Courtesy from Nonie's camera! hehehhee

Before the party started!

Nonie, Zack, Khaleq and me!


The crowd...

PARTY PEOPLE!!! Let's shuffl... did I miss the "e"?

Ok, now we can see Zack! hehehe

Kak Nonie yg 1st time sober at a rave party! I'm clean... ALWAYS CLEAN!

Let's party hard, people!!!

The lights and sounds... GREAT!!

Zack the freako...

Do call us when you sober! hehehe...

Errrr... Zoul, ARE YOU FINE??? heheheh... XAXAU!!! KANTOI!!!

OK, I had 2 shots of Johnny Walker without mixing it with any other drink! SOBER, OK!


Everyone's tired... but I'm EXCITED! hehehehe

Thanx to Kak NONIE!!! We really had a great time! Hope to see you again if you're back from UK! :)

The End