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The New Year BBQ Nite

The story begins...

On the January 1st 2007, we had our NYE BBQ Nite at Waney's place. Her parents was supporting us for doing the event. We did the event to gather friends again before entering the new semester (and also celebrating the 1st day of turning 20s... hehehe). Just wanna say that you guys are great and thank you for making it happen... Waney, Aishah, Nano, Afiqah, Abdullah, Hafizudin, Azhar and Wan... YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!! Not to forget those who came too... Hafiz and friends, Lah's friend, Shahril, Eddy and Nano's sister...

Here are the photos.

Azhar in-charged for the food! He can't stop eating... No wonder people call him "Yot" as in "BOYOT"

Adli Syahril!! Don't!! Belom masak lagi!!

Afiqah, Me and Aisyah...

"Afiqah, don't disturb the food! I'm in-charge!" Said Azhar with the proud feeling.

Makan! Makan!

Aisyah and Wan...

Pass me the food! That one... NO! The other one! hehehe

"I'm the host!" said waney.. ehheaehaheaha

Don't move! Wait till it snap! hehehe

p/s: I've just realized that i didn't take pictures with Hafiz and Waney.. :-(