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Kenangan Terindah bersama Samsons

The story begins...

6th of January, Samsons did a concert here in Kuala Lumpur and I WAS THERE!!! hahhha...
It was me, Khaleq, Farezan and Hafez.
The concert was fun! Opening act by Sofaz, Gerhana Ska Cinta and OAG. Less Indonesian (YESS!!!)

Samsons came on stage roughly around 9.30pm with a medley of Kehadiranmu and Yang T'lah Lalu. After that, they played one of my favorite song, Akhir Rasa Ini. And then, Cinta followed by Kutemukan Cinta. After that, Di Penghujung Muda, Dan......, Dengan Nafasmu. When it comes to the song Bukan Diriku, everyone sang along! And then it started to rain... hahaha! Quite heavy though! Nobody cares if it rains... hahah! Then, they played Kenangan Terindah and Naluri Lelaki as their closing. The only song that they didn't play was the jazzy song, Romansa Cinta.

Check out the pictures... Sorry, I'm using my cheap Sony cam. Some pics are not clear

Hey, I'm a very important person!

Khaleq was busy blowing the Celcom clapping balloon..

Look at the crowd!

Gerhana Ska Cinta on stage!

Shout! Shout! Shout!

Me and Fareezan...

Khaleq, Fareezan and Me!

Samsons! Samsons! Samsons!

Aku.. adalah lelaki! yang tak pernah lelah... mencari wanita! hehehhe

Soaking wet after the concert (it was raining!)

THE CONCERT WAS AWESOME!!!! Thanks guys! :-)