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"Fun At the Peak"

The story begins...

Me, Matt, Khaleeq, Lah and Yan went to Genting Highlands. We reached there around 12.00pm by bus & cabel car from KL Sentral.

The first ride that we had was the Cyclone. It is the 1st roller-coaster in Malaysia. Me and Matt were crazy... We shouted like crazy for every ride that we had. HAHAHAH!

After cyclone, me and Matt went for the Bumper Boat ( i don't know what exactly the name is.. )
We keep bumping on everybody else until this one little girl got annoyed by us. HAHAHAH!

And then... Khaleeq joined us for SPACE SHOT! He never tried it... Today was his first try!
He was scared at first but I told him that you'll be having a panic for the first jump.... That's it!
When we sat on the Space Shot, I told Matt and Khaleeq that they'll be regret once you reach the top. They did regretted it! HAHAHAH! I shouted twice because the first one was out of breath! We shouted like crazy... It was awesome!

Later, we took the Fun Kart. There were lots of grunge poseurs from Sabah who made stupid jokes and they did look stupid anyway... We laughed at their jokes too... They were fun too! Fun for us to criticized anyway! HAHAHAH...

Matt and me went for Corkscrew! Khaleeq was tired already at that time and he stop for awhile. He felt that his stomach is going to come out... Corkscrew made us much more crazier! Our hands didn't hold anything. WE WERE FREE HAND for almost every cray-zie ride...

We really did have fun! Every each one of us... :)
We missed the bus, so we had to buy another ticket for the next bus.. heheheh! I reached home at 9.30pm and it's such a memorable day for me and my friends...

I do really enjoy hanging out with you guys! Especially my crazy mates... hehehe

The End


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Awek pun ramai kat atas tu...