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Introduction: kononnya the "Pilot" episode

The story begins...

Hello guys! Thank you for viewing my blog! 26th November 2006 is the official birth date for my blog!

who is Adli Syahril? what does he do? what is he going to do? who is his friends?
the questions will be answered here! don't worry, just keep yourself update!

Today is actually my first day of holiday! we all are planning to go Genting Highlands tomorrow but it's postponed to another date which I know that we all gonna make a sudden plan to go there. HAHA!

What did i do today? Hmm, owh ya! Me and my parents went to the MAHA Fair at Serdang this morning. It was packed like CRAYY-ZEE! Worst than a rave party. It was hot, no place to park, long way to walk, very big venue, didn't bring umbrella and not to forget, I'M HAVING A FEVER!!!

Up to today, i heard that there were 700,000 people came to the event! WOW! Big number there, peeps. Well, imagine a rave party held there... AWESOME! big place and no housing area! PERFECTO... but it's a government land (MARDI, duhh!). I'm sure they won't let that sort of event to be held there, right?

After that, we went to Digital Mall in PJ... I got a new Pen Drive (yee-haw!). After 6 months without a Pen Drive, now I got a new one. We were checking out the mobile phones there too because my mum planning to get a new phone. Her budget is around RM400 and a very good phone. The problem is, if you want a very good phone, you must have a very good cash! Right?

She doesn't have that much cash, so she said she wants to use my phone and she'll give me cash to get a new one! wohooo...

Hmm, I'm planning to get the new Motorola KRZR K1 but the price is "WHOAHH!"
In terms of the design, it's worth it but... MOTOROLA HAS NO RADIO FUNCTION!

Another option... hmm, the new Nokia 5300. Looks tempting. A music phone. RM800. Very reasonable compared to KRZR.

Nokia 5300 has a 1.3MP camera but KRZR's 2.0MP... But i think, I've already have a Sony 4.0MP camera... Why should i get the best camera for my phone? Don't you think it's better for me to save some space just for my songs collection and bring my camera along everywhere. I always bring my camera inside my bag everywhere.

... But
KRZR has a very sleek and elegant design...
I don't know. Can someone please help me?


  1. Azazil said...:

    lol dan 24 november adalah birthday ku hahahahaha