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The Girl Who Lost Herself...

The Story Begins...

Two days ago, I went to KLCC right after my final paper. A friend of mine currently studying in Kuala Lumpur was having a big major problem that could destroy her own life.

She's very smart. She was a top scorer in school, her foundation program, you name it!
But suddenly, she became person which was different than she was...
She told me everything about her problems and I told her not to be panic.
... because of her problem, she didn't touch a single book. At all.

I was quite shock! She's a monster... After all, I did realize that when she has a problem, that is the time she call me. Before this, I've been trying to ring her cell, there was no answer... Almost every single time that I try to ring her.

But now, she came to me... Telling her problems... Seeking for answers and advise...
It doesn't matter anyway.
I will always stand by to help a friend.

bak kata pepatah melayu...
"Sebusuk-busuk orang tu, dia tetap kawan aku"

The End


  1. Anonymous said...:

    r u in love with her?