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BLOG THING: Win Tickets to M.C. Asia "The Creation"

The Story Begins...

Music Conference Asia (M.C. Asia) is happening very, very soon. It's in TWO weeks time, to be precise, and I bet it's gonna be massive with Richard Durand and Sean Tyas gracing the stage of KL Live.

Great news to my fellow readers! I am giving out 10 pairs of party tickets to M.C. Asia! All you gotta do is to answer these simple questions:

1. Who is headlining M.C. Asia - the Creation?

2. Name one Richard Durand's track!

3. Complete the slogan: I wanna party with Adli Syahril at M.C. Asia because...

Simple isn't it?

Just send in your answers including your FULL NAME, I.C. NUMBER & CONTACT NUMBER to adlisyahril@hotmail.com with the subject title "MC ASIA RULES!"

To increase your chance of winning the tickets, please use the MC Asia image above as your profile photo in your Facebook account and include your Facebook URL in the e-mail.

Send in your entry PRONTO! The closing date for entries is Tuesday, 19 January 2010. All winners will be notified HERE by Wednesday 20 January 2010.

For more info on M.C Asia, log on to www.visitmcasia.com and check out the event details here.

I'm waiting for your e-mail... :)

The End


  1. Faz said...:

    Nice one man.

    Post la the best slogan so we can see. Maybe can even become a tag line for this blog.

    hav fun.