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AFTER PARTY: Green Room @ KL Live (15/1/2010)

The Story Begins...

It is no doubt, Green Room is listed in the best thing that happen in my life! If you were not there, you'd be daft! 2manydjs set is one in a million converging music and visual on stage, probably a new experience for most Malaysians.

People started to flood the arena as early as 10.30pm to catch the hottest electro act from Indonesia, Agrikulture, who rocked the stage at Sunburst 2009. They did a DJ set with electric drum set and Fandy on vocal performing their track, Disko Di Rumah and other top tracks from the likes of Major Lazer and Machines Don't Care alongside with Arabyrd. Something different than their usual performance but I'd be more happier if they play their band set.

GXXX (pronounce as "G Triple X") had their debut performance with crazy live drum set with Goldfish on the decks and thus putting us into a higher level before 2manydjs show us no mercy on the dancefloor.

As the clock ticks at midnight, the "Radio Soulwax" cloth was clipped on the big LED screen behind the decks, lights were blinking, the buzzing sound of radio, the Dewaele brothers appeared and the DJ console was pushed to the center. Suddenly, we hear the bit of Chemical Brothers' track... the signature "Hey girl, b-boy, *2many* DJs... HERE WE GO!" and put us straight into a dance floor mayhem!

15 mins after their set, the cloth dropped and Gossip's "Standing in the Way of Control" was dropped with visuals at the back began to appear. 2manydjs pumped the night non-stop, back to back playing the hottest tracks and awesome mashups from Major Lazer, Aphex Twin, The Clash, Sidney Samsons and etc. I was awed by the visuals and I could not stop dancing throughout their set.

As soon as the screen showed a baby swimming in a pool, the tune from Nirvana was dropped, and the confetti exploded covering the whole place! 2manydjs end it with a bang before Lapsap create the mood for after party. Big ups to the Dewaele brothers!

Oh I think I went deaf after the gig.

I simply grab this live video from YouTube because this is my favorite part during their gig even though this one is not from Green Room. The Clash & Mr. Oizo FTW!

We want more Green Room! :)

The End