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AFTER PARTY: Future pres. The Bloody Beetroots & Basement Jaxx (31/12/2009 & 2/1/2010)

The Story Begins...

NYE was packed with dance floor mayhem, literally yeah! Future Sound Asia threw a kick-ass party for two nights. Bloody Beetroots on the first night and Basement Jaxx on the second night with one day gap in between. I managed to check out both nights. Tiring but it was pure fun with good company :)

Day 1: The Bloody Beetroots

Road to Kuala Lumpur was not congested at all! If you know how to avoid traffic and find shortcuts, you'll be surprised. Jalan P. Ramlee was very smooth.

But KL Live was jam-packed with crazy electro, mind-wobbling beats and high voltage of blinding lights! The Bloody Beetroots totally killed us all with their blazing tracks. It was ke-ra-zy!

The Bloody Beetroots went onstage right after the countdown. Moshing and fist pumping are not an exception. It was fucking mad! The duo played the remix of Shitdisco's 72 Virgins, Ill to Destroy, Toxic Avengers' Escape and loads of their remixes.

Good stuff! It was one hell of a night.

Crowd surfing is a must.

Day 2 - Basement Jaxx

Malaysians witness the Grammy winning dance music genius, Basement Jaxx, on the very first weekend of 2010. The night was toned down as compared to Bloody Beetroots. It was all about feel good house music.

Unfortunately, the music was not as what we expected. Oh well, it was not their "live" set after all. In my opinion, the first hour was a bit awkward. The transition between tracks was very dramatic but I became immune to it after some time... Hypnotizing, indeed.

The duo dropped some electro anthems such as Major Lazer's Pon De Floor and La Roux' In for the Kill along with the visuals behind the decks. Hit tracks were included in the set such as Rendez-vu, Romeo (my personal favorite), and Do Your Thing.

They end it with everyone's favorite, Where's Your Head At? before hitting the encore track, the symphony of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Big ups to Future Sound Asia for bringing down Bloody Beetroots and Basement Jaxx to Malaysia!


Day 1

Day 2

It was nice meeting everyone at the party!

The End