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HEAR ME: Hujan - Mencari Konklusi

The Story Begins...

Most of you are excited over Beyonce concert. Yeah, me too. Sorry, I digress. The feeling is the same when I first heard the latest EP from Hujan. I mean, who doesn't love Hujan? If you flaunt Beyonce tickets to the whole wide world, I'd rather flaunt my Hujan CD! haha!

"Mencari Konklusi" has been heard in every radio stations for the past few months and Hujan came out with an EP recently with 7 tracks. This is the kind of vibe that I like. More rock & roll stuff with a little of effect samples here and there. "Kau Harus Ada" and "Benci" are my favorites.

What more?
Grab the EP and enjoy it.
Seriously. Recommended.

The End