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AFTER PARTY: Speedzone pres. Paul van Dyk @ Zouk KL (16/10/2009)

The Story Begins...

Almost all Malaysian hardcore clubbers were down in Zouk KL for a special gig featuring everyone's favorite DJ; Paul van Dyk. His mind-blowing set moved the crowd and packed the venue before he appeared behind the console. Thank god I was there quite early.

Security was quite tight on that night and Marlboro new ciggies were sold at RM5. All hail to Speedzone, yo!

The beat was banging hard and I enjoyed the whole set especially the crazy encore whereby he mashed up his tracks including my favorite Forbidden Fruit. Thank you for playing "Home" twice. I love that track, PvD! :)

Psst... If you noticed, ANTM winner Jaslene was spotted at the club too!

It was packed and I couldn't move

If I'm not mistaken, Jaslene was somewhere behind there! (I can see you, Hazel!)

The nice peeps that rocked the dance floor


The PvD fan, Mia!

Farah and Marlz

Me and Marlz, the Trance guru!

Check out his setup.

Party people craving for more

The End