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AFTER PARTY: Klubbers.net Annual Party 2009 pres. Niklas Harding @ Mist KL (10/10/2009)

The Story Begins...

It was a great night. Mist Club was packed with party revellers in town for a special gig for Klubbers.net annual party after a DJ workshop by Music Conference Asia (MC Asia).

The night was pumped hard from the home boys - DJ Affiq and Shane. These dudes were awesome! I think they can go far... but the main man took their limelight and thus, everyone graced the dancefloor as soon as he dropped his first beat. Niklas Harding was good, man!

He end it with a bang! bang-bang! Even I could not stop myself from lip-syncing to "Silence"!

Nahh, enough said! Photos below.

Ladies on the stage

Niklas Harding on the deck

Fist up!

Me, Alicia Goh, Simon Lee and their gang

Aisyah and Faris

The End