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HEAR ME: Where the Wild Things Are (Soundtrack)

The Story Begins...

When I first saw the trailer for "Where the Wild Things Are", I was stunned and really, really fell in love with it. The movie is based from a 48-pages children storybook with around 10 sentences in it.

The movie is produced by Spike Jones and the soundtrack is going to be awesome. Spike Jones former girlfriend, Karen O (who is also the vocal for Yeah Yeah Yeahs), wrote for the movie soundtrack. The trailer itself uses the song from Arcade Fire titled "Wake Up" which did portrays the mood to it.

"All is Love" single cover

Karen O and the Kids teamed up for a song in the soundtrack which has already been released and title is "All is Love". A beautiful song, it is. Check it out below!

"All is Love" is also being featured in an anti-fat advertisement called "Did You Play Today?" by the US Department of Health and Human Service.

The album soundtrack will be released on the September 29 in the US. Queens of the Stone Age, The Raconteurs and Deerhunter will contribute their song for the movie soundtrack also. Make sure you guys will look out for it.

The most anticipated movie, "Where the Wild Things Are", is scheduled to release on the October 16, 2009. Check out the trailer.

Image source: Rock on the Streets, Current
Info source: NME

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