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An interview with Armin Van Buuren (by KLUBBERS.NET)

The Story Begins...

Klubbers.net (a Malaysian dance Internet community) made an interview with the #2 DJ in the world, Armin Van Buuren. Armin Van Buuren is famous with his weekly radio mix show in DI.FM (Digital Imported FM) called "A State Of Trance". His famous hits such as Burned With Desire, Shivers, Zocalo, Control Freak, Who is Watching, The World is Watching Me and 24 series theme, Yet Another Day.

This is Encik Armin.

Badle yg sangat celaka kerana dapat bergambar dengan Armin Van Buuren (i envy u, man!)

Klubbers.net did ask their members to contribute questions for AvB and my questions were selected. (Thank you, Lee Tanker!)

This interview is taken from Klubbers.net's website.

"We are able to obtain the interview reply from Mr. Armin himself, thanks to Zouk KL for the online interview arrangement and all members that contributed the questions. Please refer to below interview details:

1] How was the year 2007 been for AVB?

Really nice! It’s been a great year in the studio and on the road. Our 4th consecutive year in Amnesia went really well & my radio show A State of Trance celebrated its 6 year anniversary. We started a new concept called “Armin Live” in downtown LA and New York with live acts, we did a solo tour in Australia in June and I worked a lot on new tracks for my next album.

2] Tell us about your inspiration in music making; have you ever felt tired making the same music genre?

I try to be inspired by all kinds of music and moods. Never be a prisoner of your own style. If it doesn’t move you, you shouldn’t release it, is my motto.

3] Of all the sub artist name such as Rising Star, Perpetuous Dreamer, which is the most meaningful to you and why? Any other sub artist name in the making?

Sub artist names are usually for legal reasons as I would sign a track to a different label and they didn’t want a release under the same name. Rising Star was actually “Dark Star” but we had to change it as that name was already in use in the UK. Perpetuous Dreamer is very close to me. The original first ever release “Future Funland” was meant to be the follow up to Blue Fear. I think I will release most of my stuff now as Armin van Buuren.

4] Tell us about the best show experience in your entire career and the biggest records you have played with the best response.

I think there’s simply too much too tell! There have been many amazing experiences and great records! If I would have to mention one show, it would have to be my last Armin Only which was on November 11th 2006 in Ahoy Rotterdam (12 thousand people capacity!). It was so special to me because I played a very long set (9 1/2 hours….). The show included almost all the people I have ever worked with on my latest album. It was a very memorable night. The crowd was amazing! Some of the biggest records of that night were the tracks I played live with vocalists and guitar players etc. (Zocalo with my brother Eller, Burned With Desire with Justine, Shivers with Susana, Great Escape with Ilse and many more!)

5] What’s new on Armada Music? Or have you discovered any new talent / artist lately?

Lots to tell! We’ve just signed Jennifer Rene and Blake Jarrell who I think will be the new superstars. Blake has just done an amazing EP and Jennifer is not only a great singer but also an amazing DJ. All labels are doing really well. The new M.I.K.E. Album has just been released and the last Markus Schulz album is definitely one of my favourites this year. We’ve also released a very special summer album by Sunlounger (a double disk even!). I’ve just recorded my last compilation “Universal Religion part 3” live from Amnesia in Ibiza which is also out on Armada.

6] In random order, do share with us 5 upcoming rising trance producers / Djs that will make an impact in the EDM/Trance scene next year (besides SVD, Blake Jarrell & Richard Durand which is already surfacing)

Jennifer Rene Matthew Dekay Dj Shah John O Callaghan Deadmau5

7] Last but not least, you have been travelled to Malaysia annually, what do you feel about the country and have you heard or tried our famous king of all fruits - The Durian?

No I’m afraid I haven’t heard about the Durian. I love coming to Malaysia. It’s one of my favourite countries in Asia. The people are very friendly and they go crazy on a dance floor which is nice! Thank you for your precious time on the interview and we are definitely looking forward to see you live on 14th Oct 2007 @ Zouk KL, Malaysia."

Armin Van Buuren will be making a gig this month on the second day of Raya. Sunday, October 14th in Zouk KL. I'm not 21 yet! arghhhh...
Like 2 years back, Paul van Dyk's gig on the Raya eve. Funny wasn't it? hehehe.

P/s: I asked about his inspirations and the durian question (since he comes here every year)

The End