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Recharge Revelation5: Global Gathering full details is out!

The Story Begins...

Everybody! RR5GG has already confirmed their DJs and stuff!
Alright, here are the infos!

1. Godskitchen Worldwide Arena
Lose yourself in this massive arena with inspiring world-class stage design, lighting and a holding capacity of 15,000 strong clubbers. Showcasing local and international Trance, Hard Trance and Hard Dance DJs, cutting edge VJs, Innovative Acts and even Micro-lounges when you need to chill.

Music: Trance

Johan Gielen
Sander Van Doorn
Marcel Woods
Bass Agents

2.Global Arena
Yet another massive arena with a holding capacity of 10,000 revelers showcasing some of the best acts around the world including a 3-hour set by Layo & Bushwacka!. Expect a host of House, Tech-House, Progressive and Techno DJs cutting edge VJs, Innovative Acts and our trademark Micro-lounges

Music: House / Progressive / Techno

Layo & Bushwacka!
Astro & Glide
The Shapeshifters
Altered Image
Gregoire Pagnoux

3. Freedom Electric Arena
Get recharged in this covered, air-conditioned mega arena that is able to hold 5,000 revelers. Have a blast with Live Electronica Bands during the day (come early to catch Black Strobe in their first ever live performance in Malaysia!) and move to the sounds of Hip Hop and Breaks which include a special LIVE performance by the JUNGLE BROTHERS feat. Mike G, when the sun goes down. Other highlights include cutting edge VJs, Innovative Acts and Semi-live performances.

Day - Electronic/ Nu-Rave / Electro-Rock / Electro Breaks
Night - Hip Hop (DJ's & Live PA) / Breaks DJ's

Simian Mobile Disco
Black Strobe
Transient Vortex
Plump DJ's
Jungle Brothers feat Mike G
Goldfish feat Spaceship

4. Freedom AMP Arena
Expect to be electrified by world-class stage design and lighting in this outdoor arena featuring Alternative, Indie-Rock and Electro-Rock Live Bands during the day and Electro-Rock plus Rock DJs at night. Don’t forget to also bring your boards and blades and have a blast at the FREE-TO-ENTER Skate Park. There will also be special demos by our very own Skateboard, In-line Skating and BMX demo team.

If you want to skate, please take note:
1) Bring your own skateboard
2) Register at the skate registration counter
3) Start skating

Day - Alternative/ Indie Rock / Electro Rock Live Bands
Night - Electro-Rock Punk DJ's

I am david sparkle
Twilight Actiongirl
Ben Cracko
Winner of Amps Big Break

5. Foambar Arena
Designed in an ultra-chic and modern lounge setting with a foam-filled dance-floor, this arena promises some of the best acts around the region from super clubs such as Ministry of Sound and Embassy. The list includes RAYSOO, REMY IRWAN, DAMIAN SAINT, VOILAH! and a host of others who are bent on arousing your senses through the clicks and glitches of House, Tech-House, Electro and Minimal that will leave totally immersed and invigorated.

Music: HOuse/Minimal/Techno

Ray Soo
DJ Gabreil
DJ Anton
Remy Irwan
Damian Saint
JOsh Ezelle
Groove Doctor
Bryan Burger

6. Solid Gold Arena
Probably the first-ever disco arena here to have a Roller Skating Rink, this arena promises an exciting mix of 70s and 80s funk, soul and dance tunes brought back to life by the some of the most recognizable faces in the local and regional dance scene; All these, under a covered air-cooled dance arena within a funky retro décor. Roller-skates will be available so bring your socks. Music starts at 8pm.

If you want to skate, please take note:
1) Register and leave a small deposit (amount TBC)
2) Must wear socks (also available for sale)
3) Start skating
4) Return skates
5) Collect your deposit

Music: Retro

Stephen Day

Other festivals highlights...

TQX Freedom Urban Zone- FREE-TO-ENTER Skate Park
from 2PM

All you need is to bring your own skateboards and inline skates and you’re all set. Just register at the Skate Registration Counter and park is all yours. There will also be Live Performances on the concert stage and BMX demos.

TQX Freedom Gravity Zone
from 2PM

From the AJ Hackett Bungee to the Swing Bungee and even the G-Force X, this is the space to get your pulses racing. Also enjoy the lowest rates for Bungee Jumping and FREE Zorb Rides.

TQX Freedom Café
(Outdoor cafés stalls, food and refreshments)
from 2PM
When you decide to chill, and get away from the hectic dance floor, take a break and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the Refresh Café. Here you can revitalize with a drink and some bites before diving back into the infectious beats of your favourite dance arena again.

Recharge Spa
(Outdoor chill-out, shoulder, neck, back massages and hand reflexology)
from 8PM
This time, it isn’t only about thumping tunes and infectious sounds. It’s also a time to find a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Recharge Spa is designed to provide sheer comfort as you unwind and sip refreshingly, from icy-cool glasses of mint laced tea. You can even take a shower if you wish.

Holland Pavilion
from 2PM

Experience a little of the famous “Orange” within this covered lounge in a gazebo showcasing the very best in Dutch Pop Culture – design, fashion, arts and technology.

Channel [V] Confessional Booth
from 2PM

This is the place to let it all out. Tell Channel [V] your secrets, desires and everything you loved about Recharge Revelation 5 Global Gathering.

AMP – Junk Pavilion
from 2PM

Find out more about the hottest music community in the Asia and how someday, you could even join them!

Here is the event layout map!

Click on the image for a bigger view.

Let's Recharge!!!

The End