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The Story Begins...

Alhamdulillah everything went very well :)
Last week,
me and my friends went to Gwen Stefani's concert in Bukit Jalil.
It was awesome!
Gwen Stefani memang gempaq giler! hahaha!

MPG also went very well...
After all, I did having trouble during my performance but I couldn't care anymore...
I know I'm suck at it! hahaha!

MIFC in Putrajaya?
OMG! One hell of a traffic!
After all, we did found a good spot to stare at the fireworks! hehehe
Italy rocks!

pass... i really need to slow it down.

Happy Birthday, Malaysia!
I won't be attending any great party... NAK PERGI MY NATION PARTY but unfortunately, takde kawan. :(

I think most of them has already put me as their last resort to call.
I know that i have been busy with assignments lately.
I'm so sorry.
Aku sedar yg kita dah lama tak share stories but please try to understand me.
Terasa gak aku at first bila dapat sms "yelah, ko tuh asyik busy jer ngan assignment"
Terasa gak bila korang pergi tengok movie dah tak ajak aku...
After all the stories yg baru jer aku update... Felt like I'm really out-dated.
Sometimes I even thought that we don't share the same interest anymore.
Aku tunggu jer korang...

Don't be shock if one day nanti aku menghilang...

The End