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AFTER PARTY: Placebo Live in KL @ KL Live (16/3/2010)

The Story Begins...

Words won't do any justice to describe how awesome the concert was. Placebo's gig in Kuala Lumpur was rocking the hell out of most of us Placebo fans! If you were not up for body surfing action, circle-mosh and lots of sweat, you are not hardcore enough to be at the concert. It was madness.

Placebo started off the show with a song from their brand new album Battle For the Sun called "For What It's Worth" and the whole floor went nuts. If you weren't that hardcore, I bet you were pushed to the back wildly. The gig kids showed no mercy to the people around them especially the dodgy-looking ones. Oh well, we fight for our best not to be pushed behind though.

It was satisfying seeing them playing "Follow the Cops Back Home", "Meds", "Every You Every Me" and "Special K" but it would be great too if they performed "Because I Want You", "36 Degrees", "Nancy Boy" and other classics as well. Nahh... It doesn't really matter to me as long as they put up a very good show. Nevertheless, the new album is very, very good too.

Placebo's performance is still fresh in my memory. Everyone was singing along, jumping around like nobody's business and most important is, we all had a jolly good time! Rocking or annoying, mad props to Zahid and his Fatboys team for giving us the time of our lives.

The End