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AFTER PARTY: Upfront feat. RATATAT (A Junk Music Project) @ Zouk KL (28/5/09)

The Story Begins...

Last week's Ratatat was great! We hardly gets any electro band playing a full set in Malaysia. I guess most of electro lovers are pretty tired of too many bands playing DJ set at clubs and such. (That excludes Shitdisco because the energy they brought is different! haha!)

Ratatat is a two-piece band from New York who experiments music ranging from Electronic rock, House, Hip-hop and Post-rock by using guitar, bass, and synthesizer as their instruments. The members are Mike Stroud and Evan Mast.

We waited quite long for the band to come up on stage but as soon as we heard the loud guitar distortion, we knew it was the time for them to rock the shit out of us. The screen behind the stage projected the band's name and cheering the crowd.

Everybody move their body and nodding head after the band played Lex, which was everyone's favorite song. Some were seen enjoying their good times by throwing fist up in the air

The management had to stop by 11pm and it was a maximum anti-climax to all of us! The band had to stop after they played Shempi and there was no encore. Plus, we didn't get the chance to hear Seventeen Years. :(

Dang man! Gaga killed the show! (JK)

Despite the negatives, I love their show and the music is a pure pleasure.

The End


  1. Merissa K. said...:

    was indeed great wasnt it?

    but yeah i think they got pissed because they didnt get the chance to finish up. did u even hear them play at barsonic?

    they just stuck their ipod on and let the same song play on for like, 5 times.

    disappointing, indeed. :(

    anyway, hello. :)