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AFTER PARTY: UOX Play Future @ Kiara Indoor Arena (30/5/2009)

The Story Begins...

Phew! Sorry for letting this post long overdue. I had no time to upload and post new story in my blog. Heheheh... anyways....


Hundreds waited outside the venue to get their tickets by topping up their XPAX/UOX prepaid... That includes myself. Me and my buddies got there as early as 5pm and we got our tickets without any hassle. Pity those who bought their simpack at the very last minute because thousands had to wait for their activation done. Take note, always prepare early! hihihi

Twilight Actiongirl kicked things off roughly around 7-ish while more people were filling the floor. Of course everyone knows TAG's usual set. hehe. Followed by Stretch Armstrong which alarmed us that the Dim Mak party has began! A friend was disturbed by her acquaintance and made us walked away from the crowd. Therefore, we did a short tour of the whole venue and visiting booth to booth. hahaha! Cam-whoring actions can never be neglected too.

Pase Rock brought the energy to another level before Shitdisco turned the house into a mosh-pit frenzy.

LapSap joined Shitdisco on the turntable when a few Bloody Beetroots' track were played. Darren Cullen of Shitdisco were crazy as he was at last year's Shitdisco gig at Zouk KL... Oh, thank you for pouring some whiskey to my mouth, mister! That's very considerate of you. I was thirsty, though! hahahaha

As the clock pointed to midnight, Steve Aoki was presented by Denise of MTV, who is also the host of the night. But Aoki was seen to face some difficulties behind the console and another Shitdisco track was played too with Darren flashing his crazy dance moves. It was a non-stop fist-pumping action, man!

As soon as Aoki got hold of the set, the crowd became wilder than ever. He played numbers of his new remixes such as NASA's Gifted and also his new track, I'm in the House, a collaboration with Zuper Blahq (claimed to be Will.I.Am's alter-ego) and everyone's favorite Bloody Beetroots' Warp that got him screaming and jumping on stage.

In the middle of his set, he played few tracks from his Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles mix CD. He screamed to New Noise followed by Pase Rock rapping for Waters of Nazareth's remix. Pase Rock also did his rhyme for Green Velvet's Shake and Pop.

The night ended by 2am and everyone was not ready to go back. Hats off to Steve Aoki! You gave us the real boom boom pow!

UOX Play Future was the mecca of all electro lovers in Malaysia! Thank you Future Sound Asia for organizing this fantastic event. This event is our own version of Sahara Tent in Coachella Festival! Big ups to everyone who made it happen.

Check out the photos!

The End


  1. Fuzz said...:

    laaa, pegi rupenye. ingat tak pegi.

    i lalu je on my way back from my event kat sunway. pikirrrrr nak masuk ke x.pikirrrrr lame gak... i teringat yg my body need to rest.

    balik tido. hahahah

    rupenye, there was a friday n sat OTHER 2 days of freedom party at afamosa. psytrance peeps told me I shud have been there. party till 4am.pak guard kacau,then start back at 7am. giler. kire rebel party. not joining freedom, buat party sendiri at the same venue.

    next up is urbanscape la what else. hope to bump into u. siang je a. mlm ader psytrance.