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The Story Begins...

Wanna know something crazy?

Tiesto announced 3 dates for his Australian tour. Each one fore Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.
Later on, those 3 dates got sold out.

The organizer added 2 more dates for Melbourne. SOLD OUT TOO! And they've just added one more date which made 4 days of Tiesto in Melbourne.

One more date for his Sydney show = 2 days of Tiesto in Sydney.

Altogether, there are 7 shows of Tiesto in his Australian tour. 5 sold out!

This made me want to be the first one to buy both shows for his 2 Days Of Freedom in Malaysia!

Tiesto has already released his latest DVD of Elements Of Life tour live from Copenhagen.

The End


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hi there,
    do you by any chance know, when the tix are available..
    I just really cant wait..
    Looking at the sold-out events in OZ makes me soo unpatient...

  1. Fahriee said...:

    Man, it's too bad I can't catch Tiesto at Port Dickson. Are you going?

  1. ha3 .. Melburn mmg Smer giler Tiesto. if i am still at Melburn (mmg tk laa sbb blk msia soon Mid march) mmg sah2 i pegi ok. so Please ticket ade let me know ;p

  1. Unknown said...:

    whoah! sabar! sabar!
    info tentang tiket akan keluar tak lama lagi. sabar k. hehehe!

    to fahrie, TIESTO IS A MUST!

  1. yeay!! me going to tiesto too!! details will be announced in my blog in the next 2 weeks to come, i think!

    anyhow, congratulations adli, you have won 2 tickets to speedzone 08, and you are also in the running to win that EXCLUSIVE BACKSTAGE PASS to meet MAURO PICOTTO, JON CARTER, GIANLUCA FUCILE, & MATT HARDWICK in person!! Come over to my blog for further details and get your friends to VOTE FOR YOU NOW!!!

  1. content said...:

    Adli, great blog u have here,dude...Kalau boleh memang nak tengok Tiesto this coming May...hoping & wishing that i'll be able to...

  1. Unknown said...:

    hello people, thanks for dropping by at my blog :D

    Hope to see y'all at the upcoming SpeedZone Tour Party. :)

    Thaiboxingirl: thanks for choosing me as your winner :D

    Content: thanks for the compliment :D

  1. Anonymous said...:

    cant wait!!!!
    let me noe bout d ticket price soon!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The event is CONFIRM CONFIRMED...please log on to our official website www.freedom-08.net for details. Once you log in and become a member, you will get and instant discount on your ticket purchase. Do also remember to fill in the contest form when you purchase the ticket to win an all expense paid trip to GlobalGathering TURKEY! .....also, dont forget to book your rooms in PD, info for most hotels are in the official website.