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I'm going crazy!

The Story Begins...

Last week, I attended the Hot FM Big Jam at Dataran PJ.
Hahahha! Just for the sake of Meet Uncle Hussain and Hujan.
Their set was short but worth it.

Ungu was fine.
I hate the couple crowd! Pelok je memanjang while singing their songs.

Oh yeah! sorry for the bad camera image!

Rock on!

From Alam Megah, PJ, Putra Heights & Rawang :P

Mengada beli tanduk setan!

Backstreet Boys was here.
They had overwhelmed 10,000 fans in Sunway Lagoon.
I was there with my friends.
What can I say about it?

They made me bringing back the old memories when I was still in school with center parting hair style like Nick Carter! :D
Everybody (backstreet's back), I Want it That Way, More Than That, Larger Than Life, As Long As You Love Me, All I Have to Give, I'll Never Break Your Heart, Quit Playing Games (with my heart), Shape of My Heart, Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely, The Call, The One, and latest ones such as Inconsolable and Helpless When She Smiles.

It was friggin' awesome!
Within 90 minutes, they managed to perform more than 20 songs. Their old songs, new ones and solo songs.

Here are some of the photos:

At the entrance of Sunway Lagoon.

The madness!

It was raining! Khaleeq sedang hidu kentut aku

Brian & Howie

The boy-band!


We HEART Backstreet Boys

The stage

The next day, me and my fellow classmates had to attend the launching of the new season for Muzik-Muzik in One Utama. Everyone enjoyed the show but me and few people had to run here and there to interview the celebrities for our pre-graduation dinner promo video.

Artist performed that day was Ning Baizura, Misha Omar, Estranged & Bob AF2.
Even our lecturer came along to observe our activities on at the event. It was an "industrial visit" for our final semester. FREE MARKS!


Erwan & Ilya Qast

Ning Baizura performing her new song

We got ourselves free tickets for One In A Million at the launch of Muzik-Muzik.
Almost the whole college attend the event, I supposed!

Congratulations to Ayu for winning the Million buck!
Great performance at the finale!

Hey ya! :D

Aizat, Amal & Madi :D

Cik Mayu shocked us! *peace*

Today (Saturday),
Me and Aisyah went to Double U Network in Sunway Mas to do the choreograph steps for school kids to dance. It's for a nursery rhyme show in TV1.

Pity those kids for being in the broadcasting industry at the very young age :(
They look small and got tired easily.

The kids...

Hmm... Event + party updates:
1. Colbie Caillat (14th March @ The Curve) - FREE! But it's by invitation. :(
2. Sunburst KL International Music Festival (15th March @ Kiara) - RM200, discount 15% for Digi users
3. Speedzone Tour (22nd March @ Menara KL) - RM33, cheap isn't it?
4. ING Presents Kuala Lumpur Grand Prix City Festival (22nd March @ Bukit Bintang) - ALL 4 One is performing! It's FREE!
5. F1 Party featuring DJ Steve Aoki (22nd March @ Zouk KL)
6. Roger Sanchez (14th March @ Zouk KL)
7. Timo Maas (7th March @ Poppy)
8. Tom Middleton (29th March @ Zouk KL)
9. Celine Dion (8th April @ Stadium Merdeka)
10. Tiesto (9th & 10th May @ Admiral Marina, Port Dickson)

The End


  1. Unknown said...:

    not only fun! it was totally an awesome week!

  1. Unknown said...:

    not only fun! it was totally an awesome week!