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Semester 5: Pilot episode.

The Story Begins...

Daftar last week
- 7th July.

Dapat rumah lain
- 12-4-4

Housemates yg sama
- Cuma Ilya jer rumah lain. Ustaz dah tak join kitorg :(

Kelas jadik pelik
- 4 subjects combine dengan kelas A

New group assignments
- Aizat, Adda, Pooya, Mija from the A's

- KFC @ Giant with the housemates on Monday
- Italiannies @ The Curve with Ilya, Isham, Khaleq, Husna, Huda, Veena, Matt to celebrate Syekin's birthday (I had a good drink :-))
- One Utama with Ilya & Isham
- Ikea with Ilya... Craving for Ikea's Swedish Meatballs
- Murni @ SS2, PJ with Khaleq, Matt, Husna, Veena, Edy & Syekin. Jumpa bebudak PJ! Miss them a lot! Oh ya, mak Azrina pon ada!
- Malaysia Vs. China @ Bukit Jalil... The AFC cup! WHAT HAPPEN TO MALAYSIAAA???!!! with Lah, Khaleq, Matt, Fazli, Fareezan & Hafez

- Ok, I did some preparation for the new semester.
- 2 Esprit's shirt
- 1 Sungei Wang's Bag
- A shirt and a nice linen pants from Reject Shop
- 1 Topman's Bag

My holiday?
- Clubbing (my goodness... every week?)
- Movies (Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Blades Of Glory, Shrek 3, Ocean's 13, Die Hard 4.0)
- Peterpan @ Ruums
- Jungle Trackking @ Bukit Gasing
- Pangkor holiday.
- Lots more.. susah nak ingat

It's great to be back in puncak... Now, i've to concentrate on my studies. :-)
No more big nights! :P

The End


  1. Anonymous said...:

    no more big nights?
    hahahaha (in a sarcastic way)