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Double the FUN!!!

The Story Begins...

Last night was one hell of a fun!

I've got myself double pass from Life Records to see Letto's showcase at Ruums.
Opening act by Farawahida.
Letto did rock us out!
They performed Truth, Cry and Lie, Sampai Nanti, Sampai Mati, Sandaran Hati, U & I, Sebenarnya Cinta, and etc.
Noe, Patub, Arian and Dedy.. you rock!

Letto on stage

The crowd! Muaz is in the picture!

The show finished at 10.30pm.
Me and Khaleq pon pergi la makan sat behind The Beach Club.
After that, nampak Juan ngan Shawn.
"PERGI CLUB EK?" diorg tanya in a way yg kami ni melakukan kesalahan juvenil.

Amal and Syekin reached Caltex in front of Hard Rock at 11pm and we went straight to Heritage Row. YEAHH!! Maison's 1st Anniversary! Daniel Bailey as the guest DJ for the anniversary.
Thank you to Alisha and Luq for the free entry. :-)
Daniel Bailey did delivered good tracks! He did remixed Blur's Song 2 and Fedde Le Grand's Put Your Hands Up For Detroit.

DJ Daniel Bailey from UK!

The Party Society

Ada la jumpa familiar faces kat dalam tuh... Azrina's ex which I don't remember his name. He's studying in UK now and he was surprised that I'm in UITM. Funny thing... People couldn't believe that I'm in UiTM. Even Luq himself showed a surprised expression when we said that we're from UiTM. Azan, my best old buddy in Taman Sea! Crazy stupid guy who couldn't accept himself being stupid! hahahaa... Badle, my party mates! He asked me, "Ko bukan underage?" Oh ya, I may look young but that doesn't stop me to party! hahaha... Chip was there too. Let me quote his killer statement, "Jangan publish gambar aku! Dah la aku sekretariat!"

Me and Azan. :)

Badle the party rawkstar! :P

With encik chip... Pe aku kesah, publish jer! wakakkaka...

The crowd (without flash)

The crowd (with flash)

Kesian dekat Khaleq... Dia tak sempat nak pergi berkawad di pagi harinya! :P

The End


  1. Anonymous said...:

    kesian kat aku xdpt pegi kawad...
    fun fun nite...