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BLOG THING: Dance and Stand a Chance To Win Up To RM20,000 with Dentyne!

The Story Begins...

Have you ever feel shy to flash your move on the dance floor?

How would you like to improve your social skills on the dance floor? The more comfortable you are, the better you perform. Isn't that right?
That, you will discover is the common thing between Dance and Dentyne® gum!

Oh seriously, you should see how shy I was when dancing on stage in front of 300 people. I was a shy-shy cat boy. :p

Dentyne® has always been about giving people that social confidence they need to interact with others hence with Dentyne’s proposition of “Refreshing Your Confidence”, Dentyne wants to help you to boost your confidence on the dance floor by providing basic dance tips and making your dance floor experience a fun and enjoyable one. In conjunction with the launch of the new Dentyne TV advertisements, Cadbury brings you Dentyne® ConfiDance Movement.

The Dentyne® ConfiDance Movement campaign kick-started with a road show at colleges and universities across the Northern, Central and Southern regions within Peninsular Malaysia and a Dance Flash Mob at various key shopping vicinities in the Klang Valley aimed at communicating the upcoming Dance Workshop and Dance Competition.

Claire Dominic,Liang and Urban Groove

Dentyne® Dance Workshop is open to all who are interested in learning some cool “Soul Groove” moves during a 2-hour workshop to be held at the various dates & locations:-

19th & 26th June 2010 – KL Dance Association, Wisma OCM, KL
20th June 2010 – Traders Hotel, Penang
27th June 2010 – Melaka International Trade Convention, Melaka

For just RM10, participants can register for the workshop on www.myc.com.my/dentyneconfidance Dance workshop participants would be given a cool T-shirt, a Cadbury® goodie bag and 2-hours of fun-filled time boosting your confidence on the dance floor. Closing date to register is on 16th June 2010.

Workshop participants and the public can demonstrate their confidence on the dance floor via the Dentyne® Dance competition as well by following the simple steps below:-

Step 1: View the Dentyne® ConfiDance video, the Judging criteria and rules on www.myc.com.my/dentyneconfidance OR www.facebook.com/dentyneconfidance

Step 2: Create a maximum of 60-sec video of your team performing a dance routine that creatively feature the movements from the ConfiDance video

Step 3: Submit your video online by uploading to www.youtube.com

Step 4: Download the contest entry form on www.myc.com.my/dentyneconfidance and email the completed entry form with your video link on you tube to confidance@myc.com.my

10 finalist will be selected to compete at Sunway Pyramid on Saturday 7th August 2010 whereby winners of the Dentyne® Dance Competition stand a chance to win up to RM20,000 in cash prize – 1st prize at RM10,000, 2nd prize at RM6,000 and 3rd prize at RM4,000. Contest entries are open to those who are 18 years of age and above. Closing date to submit the dance video entries is on Monday, 12th July 2010.

Get your Dentyne now and start gracing those dancefloors!

The End