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AFTER PARTY: Seven Collar T-Shirt's The Battle Protocol @ KLPac (22/5/2010)

The Story Begins...

Followed by the release of Seven Collar T-shirt's (SCTS) third album album "The Great Battle", the band came up with an album tour which finally come to a conclusion last night at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac) after touring for two months. It was a show filled with intense noise, stunning visuals and great people congregate under one roof to witness the awesome finale!

The Battle Protocol showcased all 10 songs from SCTS new album, in the exact order as it is in the album including nine additional songs from "Drones" (SCTS previous album) with the support of Percussion Unit, Ambience Players (Justin Lim & Haizal of Otherside Orchestra) and our lovely songbird, Yuna with Strings Quartet.

The 2-hours concert was divided into 4 different scenes featuring music guests as stated earlier. My favorite is the second scene (Electro) and third scene (acoustic). That weird instrument / equipment gave me a big goosebumps. It complements the whole sound in creating a great noise. Mad props to Justin Lim and Haizal. That was one bloody good hell of a performance!

A pretty decent performance did by their special guest, Yuna with the strings quartet performing a few numbers of acoustic and orchestra sound including Faith, Summary and Foreigner. It was beautiful.

Overall, it was a night to be remembered by SCTS fans out there who has been longing for their solo concert since the last one held two years ago. Keep up the great work and I am expecting more local concerts especially from a great band like SCTS.

The End