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AFTER PARTY: Twilight of Dance pres. Showtek World Tour 2010 @ KL LIve (13/3/2010)

The Story Begins...

Twilight of Dance, a premium Hard Dance music platform established by Global Sound Masters Sdn Bhd has successfully reunited revelers across the nation to witness the World’s #1 multi-award winning Hard Dance Act, Showtek for the first time performing live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The night started off as early as 8.00PM with DJ Sugs (of Transient Vortex), whom recently was selected in the top 3 winning remix for M.C Asia’s Digital Music Competition. He pumped up the night by treating the early crowd with his cutting-edge sound of Electronica, Trance and Progressive and thus, putting them in a frenzy.

The dance floor was half packed as Malaysia’s finest Hard Dance act, Bass Agents got behind the decks pulling the crowd into their musical journey of harder beats and melody. Didjital and Ganjaguru, accompanied by MC Prinze firing up the music adrenalines and spirit, track after track with their psychedelic fusion of Tech-Trance and Hardstyle. It definitely shows their ability to shift the hard vibes to the crowd and lift them to thrilling heights.

The crowd was super- thrilled when Showtek came on stage. Loud roaring sounds from the revelers shook the room and without moments to spare, the Janssen brothers elevated the night with their assuring ‘award winning’ performance. Showtek whipped out all their dance floor bombs including “The Colour of the Harder Styles”, “FTS” and the award-winning track “Hold Us Back”. Highlight of the night was when Sjoerd get on the mic and the entire venue sang along to “Partylover” with him. Words are simply not enough to describe how excellent the night was.

With astound stage set up, stunning lightings, heart breaking laser shows, and excellent acts, ‘Twilight of Dance presents Showtek World Tour 2010’ did justice in putting forward the experience for the harder dance music sounds.

Twilight of Dance presents Showtek World Tour 2010 Live in Kuala Lumpur is proudly organized by Global Sound Masters. Twilight of Dance is committed to bring you world class premium acts and dance event experience from the harder dance music circuit around the globe. Be prepared for harder sounds and wicked beats, and to top it off an ultimate party experience not to be missed.

P/s: This is actually the press release drafted by me and finalized by the project director, Luq. :)

In my honest opinion, Showtek gig is one of a kind. I have never seen such enthusiastic fans screaming and singing throughout the set as if it was a concert. If you were there, you'd be surprised because these are the real hardcore fans! Nonetheless, Showtek knows how to live up the crowd without fail. Great showmanship, great track selection (which I believe 100 per cent from their own production) and great ambiance.

If you thought Hardstyle is dead, I'd say "NO, IT IS BACK!"

The End