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AFTER PARTY: 12 Hours @ Kiara Indoor Arena (15/5/2010)

The Story Begins...

I woke up on Saturday morning and told myself, "Fuck it, I'm gonna hit Pitbull's concert tonight." I don't care if my car was damaged or no friends to join me. I hit the road and straight to Kiara to get my ticket. I only had RM20 in my wallet, the open car park area charged me RM10. So there you go, I swiped my card and thought to myself, "This better be a kick-ass event!"

Then I met few friends and joined them. Cheers to that! I'm not alone after all.

We managed to enter the hall after almost half an hour of standing in the line. Normal procedures, can't blame the securities on that. Good job for dividing the muslims and non-muslims with different tags.

Roger Shah was the first headline after local's favorite DJ, Lapsap warming the floor during the sunset. Nevertheless, Roger Shah gave the right selections in complementing the mood whereby everyone was still wandering around before Pitbull hit the stage. I enjoyed Shah's set as he pull some of my favorites such as Sunlounger's White Sand and Heart of the Sun, a short interlude of Armin & Shah's Going Wrong, and Andain's Beautiful Things to wrap up his set. I've seen him played at Zouk two years ago and I love both sets.

We didn't wait too long for Pitbull though. It was packed and the band was already on stage ready to rock the crowd. As soon as they announced the next performance (Pitbull), everyone started to scream and lift up their mobile phones and cameras to record this historic moment but no shadow of the main man himself.

As soon as we hear the beat comes in, Pitbull showed himself and started to rock the stage in full suit. Oh you should see the faces of screaming fan girls... and some men. People were actually dancing to every songs he dropped! From Blanco to Hotel Room Service, the venue turned out to be a big hip-hop club!

His anthems made everyone sang out loud. Don't blame the radio cuz it is catchy and easily stick on my brain. Ok, I admit. I sang along too. *guilty*

Enough of Pitbull talk. He's good. A true performer indeed. It was a power-packed set with his chart-topping hits. No doubt on that. I enjoyed the show. I think a lot of people left the venue after his show. Maybe because they wanted to see Pitbull only.

Benny Benassi hit the decks serving the crowd with delicious electronic dish. Nothing much to talk about because I've seen him twice before this event. I think his set was a bit dull at first but it started to pick up the pace at the second half of the set which was dirtier and harder right after he dropped RHCP's Otherside remix.

Lisa Lashes came up after Benny Benassi with her hardest beat. I was wow-ed by her set. It was too hard and my heart was about to popped out! The bass was too loud, in my opinion but it was still good. One hour is not enough to her, she extended the night to 2.30am. A+ for her set. :)

In a nutshell, 12 Hours is totally worth the money I paid. Parking was not a hassle if you are an early bird. Sucks to those who got car-towed. Some kids were crying outside the venue who thought their cars were stolen.

I went back home with a good feeling.

The End