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AFTER PARTY: Rock N Roll Kot? @ Cloth & Clef, KL (12/7/09)

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If you think Sunday is pretty mind-numbing, think again! Cloth & Clef transformed our unproductive Sunday night into something motivating with Rock N’ Roll Kot? (for those not in the know, the name is supposed to be ironic; kot is Malay slang for “maybe”).

The night started calmly with music from singer/songwriter Mohd Jayzuan followed by the lady with a guitar, Wani Ardy. Both created soothing ambiance in the joint, especially Wani Ardy’s blend of double bass and acoustic guitar during her set.

Akta Angkasa launched us into another dimension with their music. Fro some reason or another, they decided to only play the one song, before the crowd started getting restless. Without any hesitation, they played another to appease the fans’ bloodlust. Their raw sounds were awesome, and ‘Biarkan’ was the perfect final song before they gave way to the all-conquering Khottal.

Funnily enough, nearly half of Khottal had to stand on the floor as they could not fit all ten members on stage. Their onstage showmanship is undeniably overwhelming. Plus, they announced that Hafidz turned a year older that night. The band and everyone sang him a ‘Happy Birthday’ ditty, which put the crowd in the mood to go “woo” for the ‘Woo Song’.

Also in the bill was Sforzando! and an indie band from Hong Kong, Chochukmo. This latter, a five-piece band as a representative for Hong Kong in the Global Battle of the Bands in 2008 but they didn’t win unfortunately. Chochukmo’s music is basically experimental rock, fusing together elements from jazz to funk, to bossa nova and to dance. Their oddly-titled ‘Tell Her (Laura I Love Her)’ is catchy indeed.

Rock & Roll Kot? turned out to be the perfect event to end the weekend. Yes, people may call Cloth & Clef a small venue, they proved once again that intimate is always the best policy. No kots or maybes here. This was rock ‘n’ roll.

*This article is taken from Junk Online

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