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AFTER PARTY: Meet Uncle Hussain (KL Muzik Festival 09) @ Hard Rock Cafe (5/7/2009)

The Story Begins...

After their big break two years ago, Meet Uncle Hussain rose to become one of the biggest bands in the local music scene. They even scored some music awards, most notably Song of the Year at the Anugerah Juara Lagu. Losing them, or at least this incarnation of the band, will be a waste.

Unfortunately, vocalist Norazlan Rosle or Lan decided to leave the band as he is tied up to other commitments. The band officially announced Lan’s departure at the KL Muzik Festival on 5 July in Hard Rock Café, Kuala Lumpur, which was their final gig together.

Lan also announced that he has already formed a new project called Azlan & the Typewriter, which will be hitting the airwaves soon. And besides looking for a new singer, the remaining members of Meet Uncle Hussain are also currently working on new material for a future album.

It wasn’t just the fans that packed the floor of Hard Rock Café; even industry bretheren such as Komplot were there to witness Lan’s final gig with Meet Uncle Hussain. Nobody wanted to miss their chance to see whatever they could of this sad but memorable moment, with most of them standing on chairs to get a clearer view.

The band played every song they’ve done together, including ‘Pari-Pari Di Bawah Angin’, ‘La La La Kerjalah’, and their most recent hit ‘Putihnya Lukisan’. As the band played their last and most famous song ‘Lagu Untukmu’, Lan asked the crowd, “Can we play this song a little longer?” Proving that maybe he wanted to stall the final goodbye for as long as he could.

Everyone was brokenhearted. The performance concluded with Taja and Lan hugging, with various friend of Meet Uncle Hussain joining them onstage. All the best to Lan and the new Meet Uncle Hussain!

*This article is taken from Junk Online.

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