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BLOG THING: My Fellow American

The Story Begins...

American Muslims are actually exist? Yes they do, fellow readers. And today I've bumped into a website that caught my attention called My Fellow American, a project of Unity Productions Foundation (UPF) in America. Eventhough I am from Malaysia but here's something interesting that I would like to share in my blog.

Image Muslim Matters

For your information, My Fellow American is actually an online film and also a social media project by the UPF to call the people of America to pledge and spread a message that Muslims are their fellow Americans too. The project seeks people from different backgrounds to pledge and share their real life story about their Muslim friends, neighbour or colleague that they admire.

According to the website, most Americans have never actually met an American Muslim. In fact, many of them stereotyped them as how they are portrayed in the media. Most common - terrorist. American Muslims are so often vilified as “the other” that it is possible not to recognize that most were born in the U.S. Or that those who immigrated here came seeking the same freedoms and opportunities that have always attracted people to America.

In the support of the cause, I would like to call my readers to take a pledge to support our brothers and sisters in the U.S. Russel Simmons took his pledge and so can you.

Watch My Fellow American and help to take the pledge at http://myfellowamerican.us