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AFTER PARTY: ZoukOut 2010 @ Siloso Beach, Sentosa - Singapore (11/12/2010)

The Story Begins...

One World, One Music, One Tribe, One Dance. The tagline describes what ZoukOut is all about. ZoukOut once again got the world's attention in celebrating 10 years of great music, love and unforgettable memories with massive line-ups over four stages including two of the world's biggest DJs, Tiesto and David Guetta.

It was a hectic Saturday because I had to attend a wedding and catch a 5pm flight from LCCT, Sepang to Singapore. Thank god that it was not delayed like most flights to Singapore. Cheers to that, AirAsia!

ZoukOut 2010 was jam-packed with more than 30,000 people along the beach. About 10,000 people queued as early as 3pm to get their last minute tickets and sales started at 6pm. It was all snapped up by 8.30pm. Bad luck to the latecomers. Phew, glad to have my ticket in hands on the first day of sales in Zouk KL.

I got in the festival arena about 10pm, hanging out and checking out the stage schedule. It was good knowing that all my favorite acts are not clashing and I thought I could see them all but I couldn't.

Here's a brief review of the DJ sets that I managed to see at ZoukOut

Bangduck, Polka Dots, Taking Over Control. He dropped most of his own productions with a commercial touch. Not the kind of sound that I'd like to hear at a festival but to tell you the truth, that's what people love to hear. I had this conversation with Patrick and he said "I hate this kind of shit but if this is in KL (referring to the sound/genre), everybody will go crazy."

Don't hate the player, man. Hate the game :)

While waiting for Booka Shade, I decided to stick at Stage B before I throw up listening to Dutch House. Those wee-wee-woo sound made me feel a bit nauseous. So I got to check out Lindstrom brilliant set. Great sound with a mix of guitar and synths, indie feel that turned out to be a beautiful melodic live show. Great stuff.

Booka Shade
"Good choice," according by most and I enjoyed every bit of it. Amazing 1 hour and half live show. The duo did a round of house, techy stuff from their album including the famous track Body Language, Mandarine Girl and their latest track Regenerate taken off their new album, More! Booka Shade is definitely in my favorite list.

Laidback Luke
Too many mash-ups and I've heard better.

Not bad for someone who has already change his music style. Tiesto did electro stuff, very c'mon-esque kind of vibe with a number of Trance including his classics such as Adagio For Strings and Traffic.

David Guetta
I don't think I should give a comment on this. David Guetta is David Guetta. Nuff said.

So what do I think about ZoukOut?

It was fantastic and definitely the most important event in the Electronic Dance Music scene to the globe. With more than 40 percent foreigners from the total party revellers, ZoukOut Singapore sets a new record despite the S$20 hike in ticket price.

Pictures taken from ZoukOut website.

I look forward to the next ZoukOut!

The End