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AFTER PARTY: Green Room pres. The Rapture @ KL Live (31/7/2010)

The Story Begins...

I was in Singapore on that morning, flew back to KL that night and made it to the Rapture! Green Room did not fail to bring the best of the cutting-edge music and awesome party vibe from the past installment. You know it will be one helluva party when it comes to Green Room. Smell the heiny! *sniff

Too bad. I was there right after midnight and missed my favorite band Tenderfist and Arabyrd collabo. That shouldn't be the issue here because The Rapture was rocking the house in full blast performing "House of Jealous Lovers". Rapture's frontman Luke Jenner had this high-pitch voice that got everyone partying hard and I believe you have never seen tudung girls, indie kids and party poseurs (no pun intended) enjoying this together. The best moment of their performance was when the band bring down the vibe playing "Open Up Your Heart". Hands down, Luke Jenner's voice was amazing.

Literall was up on stage after Rapture and that was their debut performance ever comprising music and visuals. Literall is Lapsap with the help of Sebastian Jurowski on the visuals. The outcome was pretty banging and some of the visuals were tickling my funny bones though. The night was wrapped perfectly by D.I.M. from Germany. Though not many stick throughout the night, the real electro junkies had the best party of their lives.

Check out these photos by celebrity photog, Mark the Cobrasnake.

and Mark spotted me!

Thanks for the photo!

More photos here.

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