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AFTER PARTY: M.C. Asia Music Factory - "The Creation" @ KL Live (23/01/2010)

The Story Begins...

One purely fun Trance night. That is what I can describe about M.C Asia last month. Great music, great DJs, great vibe and great people coming from all over the globe! Mat salleh and minah salleh (the terms for Caucasians in Malaysia) from France, Australia and wherever joined the Malaysian crowd for the ultimate event.

Event started as early as 4.30pm. Richard Durand shared his music experience pertaining to the production of Electronic Dance Music. Durand discussed on the "Elements of a Great Production". Followed by Sean Tyas, who did a demonstration of his music production and talked on "Production on Logic".

After all the serious talking, the fun began when they skies turned dark. Homeboys Popcorn Perky and Ian Ross served the crowd with good choons to move before the winner of MC Asia's DMC winner Effen took over the decks and dropped his signature beats from Trance to Progressive with a touch of House and Techno. Hats off to them especially Effen for making the party mood.

As soon as Richard Durand got hold of the decks, KL Live was totally packed to the brim... up to the back of the stage controller. Everyone was gasping for breath and rain sweat but nothing could stop them from enjoying Durand's music. The speaker was fucked at the first few minutes but it was all good once it was fixed. Durand dropped numbers of Trance anthems including Corsten's Made of Love, Buuren's In and Out of Love and Tiesto's Lethal Industry that got everyone high into the state of Trance. Thank you for playing my top favorite remix, Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars! xD

Sean Tyas took over as soon as the clock struck at 1am. Tyas brought the whole momentum to a higher level. The beat was highly pumped and the crowd couldn't stop stomping their feet and jump higher whenever the beat built up. His remix of Dash Berlin's Waiting was awesome! I was lost in his music. Great stuff! The sea of people would agree the same; this is the best Trance event to start the year! Richard Durand and Sean Tyas took us on a wild ride! Trust me, everyone partied like it's 2012!

Big ups to Global Sound Masters for throwing us a massive party!

Photo time!

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